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Corporate welfare

Corporate welfare

 Zhengbo Industry

  Zhengbo Kindergarten is located in the living area of Jiangxi Zhengbo Industrial Co., LTD. It is a welfare kindergarten for the children of employees。At present, the kindergarten has set up 4 classes, including large class, middle class, small class and baby class, with a total of more than 70 children and 7 staff members (1 principal, 4 kindergarten teachers and 2 nursery staff).。The garden environment is clean and warm, full of children's fun。
  Zhengbo Kindergarten is only open to employees' children and is completely free of charge。The opening hours of the kindergarten fully match the staff's commute time, the staff will work overtime at night, the kindergarten will also arrange teachers on duty, the service is very humanized, one of the projects of Zhengbo Industrial staff welfare construction。


  Since 2015, Zhengbo Industry has opened care classes for employees' children. In addition to kindergartens, Zhengbo labor union has also set up 4:30 school and summer school, avoiding the situation that employees' children are not picked up after class and unattended during long holidays, eliminating the worries of employees。Every year, students from Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, Ocean University and other universities study and practice, and volunteer to teach for Zhengbo summer school and kindergarten children, which benefits more than 100 employees' children every year。

 Zhengbo Industry
 Zhengbo Industry

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