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Development course

Development course

  • 2023

    Military-civilian integration enterprise of Jiangxi Province;Start the photovoltaic roof project to achieve full green electricity supply in the factory and move towards a green and low-carbon factory。
  • 2022

    The second phase of Zhengbo intelligent Industrial Park project was completed and put into operation,Built the world's largest single footwear factory covers a total area of 270 acres,The introduction of intelligent manufacturing technology,Establish intelligent assembly production line, assembly line and inspection line,Improve machining accuracy,Optimize product process,From a single export-oriented enterprise to intelligent manufacturing diversification transformation;May 1 Labor Medal of Jiangxi Province。
  • 2021

    Enterprises with outstanding contribution to tax payment;Settled in the army procurement network, to become one of the designated suppliers of the army。
  • 2020

    National Customs AEO advanced certification enterprise;Jiangxi Enterprise Technology Center;Special new small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangxi Province;Reinforce the front-line epidemic prevention and control, transboundary production of materials masks and protective clothing in 6 days, establish a 100,000 level dust-free mask workshop, obtain the medical device production license, and export whitelist enterprises of the Ministry of Commerce。
  • 2019

    The 270-mu project of Zhengbo II Intelligent Industrial Park was launched.Set up Dongguan R & D center, specializing in footwear new scientific and technological materials, new processes, intelligent R & D design development and application。Such as: smart shoes, polymer low carbon environmental protection footwear。From a single foreign trade export to the domestic market, smooth internal and external double cycle;Shangrao City foreign trade export leading enterprises。
  • 2018

    National high-tech enterprises;Shangrao Municipal Enterprise Technology Center;Shangrao Engineering Technology Research Center, Key Laboratory;The first non-public ownership city in Wuyuan (Workstation of Academician Yang Yuliang)。
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