Human resources
With tires as the leading industry, diversified operations, highlighting key points, advancing in unison, accelerating the internationalization process of Xingyuan, and realizing the vision of doing international excellent enterprises。
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Human resources

Talent concept

 Zhengbo Industry

The core of corporate culture - "people-oriented

In production and life, enterprises take "people" as the starting point and center of management work, and work around stimulating and mobilizing the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of "people"。Emphasize the understanding of human nature, establish the management concept of "people" as the center, and truly understand people, respect people, rely on people, care about people, love people, cultivate people, and educate people。

 Zhengbo Industry

Talent concept - "eclectic

"I advise Tiangong to be vigorous and to be eclectic", Zhengbo Industry is not limited to a certain pattern and standard in the selection of talents, but is able to tap the advantages and strengths of others, so that they can play their advantages in the corresponding position。 


 Zhengbo Industry

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